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CPR & First Aid Training Courses & Classes

GF1 First Aid and CPR training instruction is hands-on, interactive and taught by certified Red Cross instructors in Ontario.

CPR & First Aid Training and Certification

Our First Aid and CPR training classes teach safety skills and knowledge that can be applied to an individual’s daily life. We teach our students in easy-to-follow steps, empowering them to act on, prevent, and manage life’s emergencies, wherever they may occur.

Classes are supported by a variety of training materials that are based on course requirements in Ontario, and we provide manikins for practicing CPR. Our First Aid and CPR training is provided by Canadian Red Cross certified instructors.

Our First Aid & CPR Courses Include:

  • Standard First Aid & CPR - Level C
  • Standard First Aid & CPR - Level HCP
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR - Level, A, B , C
  • Stay-at-home course
  • Baby sitting course
  • Little Rescuers

AED training can be combined with any course.

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Why GF1 CPR & First Aid?

Red Cross PartnerHands-On Instruction in Partnership with Revive EMS Inc.

Our instruction is interactive and supported by a variety of training materials based on Ontario course requirements. We also provide manikins for practicing CPR.

Revive EMS Inc. Red Cross PartnerCanadian Red Cross Certified Instructors

GF1 Security Services First Aid and CPR classes are taught by Canadian Red Cross-certified instructors, in partnership with Revive EMS Inc.

FREE with any Security Guard Course

All security guard courses include First Aid and CPR Certification to ensure you are ready to get your Security Guard License as soon as you graduate!

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CPR & First Aid Training Shot

Emergency First Aid & CPR - Level C


Emergency First Aid & CPR - Level C
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$89 or FREE with any Security Course

Course Type:

In Class


Men or Women
All Ages

Course Length:

1 Day

Course Overview:
  1. The Red Cross
  2. Preparing to Respond
  3. The Emergency Medical Services Systems
  4. Check, Call, Care
  5. Airway Emergencies
  6. Breathing & Circulation Emergencies
  7. Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest
  8. Wound Care
  9. Head & Spinal Injuries
  10. Bone, Muscle, & Joint Injuries
  11. Sudden Medical Emergencies
  12. Environmental Emergencies
  13. Poisons
  14. Additional Skills for Healthcare Providers




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